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2014-Jul-23 - So you have a property in a distant city, you

So you have a property in a distant city, you want to rent it out, but you don't want to pay a property manager an arm and a leg. Are you at the mercy of a stranger who may over charge you on their monthly fee, on costly repairs that are all too frequent, and on other "fees" that mysteriously appear on your monthly statement (see my previous post for some of those fees)?

You can do it yourself . . . I do.

I rent out seven out of state single family houses; I fill them when vacant and the rents get deposited directly into my account. They are as hassle free as I can get them. Here how I Manage My Out of State Rentals: A Case Study

Let me walk you through the last lease up that I just did in Phoenix. This house became vacant last spring while I was on a road trip through the Midwest. Some repairs had to be done the tenant had been mostly good but how was I going to get it inspected, cleaned up, advertised, and leased out to a satisfactory new tenant, especially while I was traveling? I HATE negative income days, and every day empty is a negative income day.

The night it became vacant, I got on the internet at the hotel that had free WiFi. I Googled "Phoenix property managers" and went for the map option. That's right, you can Google property managers, realtors, plumbers, carpenters, or maids that live close to your house in any zip code.

I needed somebody close to my property so they can run over to show the house to those that call. A lot of Cheap NFL Jerseys the managers that show up on Google maps are apartment managers, handle commercial buildings or are big property Cheap Jerseys management companies. You don't want those guys; you want a small mom and pop firm or a single broker who has the flexibility to work with you.

The next day while on the road in Colorado I called the numbers. After about ten calls, I found the perfect guy; he was what I call a "grizzled, old war veteran" who owned several rentals on the area, and won't take crap from anybody. Al owned his own small brokerage so had the ability to accept my unique offer. I offered him half of the first month's rent if he would rent it up for me then hand the reigns back over to me. His job is to handle the calls, screen out the wanna bes and show it. I pay for the newspaper ads, place it on Craigslist and he puts up "For Rent" signs around the neighborhood (those got the most calls). All ads have his number on them.

After we took in the gorgeous mountain scenery and hiked around Pike's Peak, we received Al's contract and faxed it back the next morning after breakfast. Al agreed Wholesale NFL Jerseys to a "lease up only" contract where as soon as he finds the renter and gets the lease signed, his job is done.

Al went to the house and found the key that the exiting tenant left in the backyard. After inspecting the premises and taking pictures, he gave me a breakdown on the house's condition. We used his handyman to do the repairs and his maid service to get the place cleaned up. By the time we left Colorado, it was rent ready and the old tenant had part of their deposit back.

The next week while we were driving through the many small towns that dot New Mexico and Texas, Al got a lot of phone calls but had few showings. Since he had rentals in the area, he thought that it was priced a little high; we lowered the rent by a hundred dollars and got showings and applications as a result.

Important note: We use my paperwork; my application and my lease agreement. these are very detailed and ask the applicant things that generic agreements do not. If you control the paperwork, you control the transaction.

Finally, after about two weeks we settled on a well qualified prospect. Al took my 17 page lease agreement that I had emailed to him and signed them up; he liked my rental agreement so much that he said he would use it on his tenants.

By the time I got to Arkansas, he mailed the signed lease to me with the rent money. He subtracted his fee and I took over. I called my new tenant and introduced myself. We spent about thirty minutes over the phone going Wholesale NFL Jerseys over what I expected as a landlord and how happy I was they were renting from me. She was pleased with how the whole process went and knew that a lot of the minor repairs will fall to her husband

Her husband happens to like working on stuff and she was into gardening just the kind of tenant I told Al to look for.

I got a paying tenant in three weeks

I saved at least a thousand dollars a year based on a ten percent management fee

I found a property manager that gave me essential fix it people and who can provide valuable referrals in the future

The property was inspected, tenant damages were inventoried and pictures were taken of the inside

I signed no long term management contracts, locking me in

I trained a new tenant who Wholesale Jerseys signed my paperwork

I found out the appropriate rent

We found a handy tenant

I coached a landlord veteran on better ways to rent a house

We had an uninterrupted car trip through the beautiful Midwest

The positive cash flow zooms up because I pay no management fees and the new tenant knows I am no easy touch. Since I am calling the shots, my lifestyle is not compromised.

Since I can do this from anywhere why would I hire a manager?

Steve has written 11 articles for us. He is also an active real estate investor and owns 27 investment houses in Southern California and around the country.

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2014-Jul-23 - Post articles with their original

1. Do not alter headlines, copy and paste

Post chi flat iron articles with their original titles. Posts with altered headlines will be removed and the submitter cheap oakleys will be asked to resubmit with the original title. Headlines must be copied and pasted from the article, we do not allow any alterations whatsoever as a matter of fairness. fake oakley sunglasses Do not add or remove anything from the headline. Some publications have secondary headlines (aka byliner, flavor text, subheader), only use the primary headline portion.

Please consider /r/OffbeatNews, /r/Offbeat, /r/WTF or similar subreddits unless your article truly reads ugg boots clearance like the uggs clearance Onion wrote it. This is highly subjective; you are encouraged to downvote articles that shouldn be here, and upvote those that truly read like The Onion. Moderators also have discretion to remove articles that are very unlike an Onion article.

4. No meta posts

That is, posts communicating with /r/nottheonion or specific people. The moderators may do this from time to time as needed; otherwise, please don If you need to suggest a meta thread, send modmail.

5. Mark NSFW stuff!

Mark NSFW stuff! Please remember that bathing suits are NSFW fake oakleys at many workplaces so it not about freedom or your workplace (lucky you!) it about being nice to your fellow redditors.

6. No crosspost tags

Refrain from using "crosspost" tags. Submissions containing crosspost tags will be automatically removed and you will be asked to resubmit your link. Also do not append the name of the news organization to the front or rear of the headline, just use the headline chi hair straightener only.

7. Link to original source when possible

Always link to source articles whenever possible. If an article mostly lifts from another source that it credits please use the source article unless cheap oakley sunglasses there is a compelling reason not to. This also means do not submit from blogs.

8. No Gawker Links

Gawker Media is not a reliable news source, and often exaggerate facts or outright make them up. Do not submit from Gawker sites, they will be automatically removed

9. No YouTube or similar

YouTube and other streaming videos are also not valid for submission.

10. English articles only

Submissions need to be in English

11. No Satire articles

Submissions cannot be from other satire sites or columns even if they are technically "Not The Onion". Also note "This and That" with CBC and "Borowitz Report" on The New Yorker are satire despite the rest of those publications not being satire

12. Sun, Mirror, Daily Mail etc) and articles that source and/or quote their news from tabloids are not permitted. Please consider posting those stories those elsewhere.

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2014-Jul-23 - How To Make Christmas Decorations Creative

How To Make Christmas Decorations Creative Xmas Craft Tutorials Welcome to my homemade Christmas decorations page, where there are sparkly and magical tutorials a plenty!

I've listed loads of how tos for turning your home.

Knifty Knitter Stocking Cap Patterns I've collected lots of stocking cap patterns for the Knifty Knitter looms right here on this page to make them easier for you to find. Each time I find a new.

Felt Stocking Kits When you are preparing for your holidays you will find these Felt Stocking Kits are great additions to your weekend craft projects. You will not only be creating.

Buy a Vintage Christmas Stocking for Christmas If you are a collector of vintage home decor, or just want to have a vintage Christmas this year, one of the key Christmas decorations that you need to find.

Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits If you love the bright cosy look of felt applique crafts, Christmas stocking kits by Bucilla are one of the most beautiful ways to create a very special gift.

Adorable Pink Christmas Stockings for Girls If you ask any little girl what her favourite colour is, 99% percent of the time the answer will be pink. Believe me, I know, I am a teacher to over fifty of.

Stocking Cap Free Knitting Pattern Sz S M L An easy to knit stocking cap in Sizes Small, Medium and Large knit with worsted yarn. You never know what tiny treasures Santa will dig up each year. If he's kind, he'll choose stocking.

Felt Christmas Stockings If you want an easy to care for and easy to make Christmas stocking, felt is the way to go. I have collected some how to's and also some kits to help you ma.

Fun Links for Christmas! Bookmark this lens for 2013 ! Additional links will be added !

I have links to Christmas games, activities, puzzles, trivia jokes. Plus coloring.

Christmas Stockings Would you like to learn how to draw Christmas stockings?.

I'll show you how to draw them with colored pencils and with Inkscape. You can are also find here.

Stocking Stuffers for Babies Looking to begin a new family tradition for your Christmas holidays and celebrations? The Twelve Days of Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Babies can be celebrated.

Chihuahua Themed Christmas Ornaments Are you a chihuahua lover or do you know one? Here is a collection of beautiful chihuahua themed ornaments from all over the world. From beautiful to whimsi.

A Star Wars Christmas Do you know someone planning a Star Wars Christmas? What better way to say I was thinking about you then to give a Star Wars keepsake or collectors piece to.

A Christmas Stocking for Mom Mom's are generally the most overlooked person when it comes to Christmas. I speak in general terms because there are some Dad's who may prefer the Christma.

Socks For Christmas Stockings Socks may not be appreciated by everyone when they turn up in a Christmas gift. Unless, like me, they can never have too many socks. The more styles and colors,.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas With Christmas fast approaching we are all in need of gift ideas for family and friends. Here are some easy ideas for small gifts or stocking stuffers! I li.

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt I have only lately found out about this hilarious series on Youtube. After laughing my ass of I have decided to share it with you all. If you Terrence Brooks Kids Jersey don't like cursing.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas When buying gifts this holiday season, don forget to get some little somethings for the chrismas stockings by the fire.

The best things to get in your.

Sexy Lingerie Halloween Costumes Sexy Lingerie Halloween Costumes are always a favorite for private parties. Will you be spending Halloween night alone with your honey?

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2014-Jul-23 - Speed skating has been featured as a sport

Speed skating has been featured as a sport in the Winter Olympics since the first winter games in 1924. Women's events were added to the Olympic program for the first time in 1960.

History The governing body for speed skating International Skating Union (ISU), was included in the list of recognized federations when the International Olympic Committee was founded, but was first discussed seriously for the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. No speed skating events were contested, although figure Authentic Bruce Ellington Jersey skating also governed by the ISU was on the programme. The preliminary calendar for the 1916 Summer Olympics, to be held in Berlin, listed a 3 event allround competition,[1] but these Games were cancelled because of World War I.

The International Winter Sports Week in Chamonix, retro actively dubbed the 1924 Winter Olympics, contained five speed skating events. Uncommon for the time, it not only included an all round competition, but also awarded medals for the individual distances: 500 m, 1500 m, 5000 m and 10000 m. The all round event was dropped before the 1928 Games, even though it remained the only World Championship format in the sport until the 1970s; single distance World Championships were not established until 1996.

The 1932 speed skating events were held according to the rules of the American speed skating federation, meaning the skaters competed in small packs of skaters (similar to short track speed skating), instead of the common against the clock format. These Games in Lake Placid, New York also saw the first female speed skaters at the Olympics, although their events were only demonstration events. Women's events were also set to be held at the 1940 Winter Olympics,[1] which were cancelled. After the war, they were withdrawn again until 1960, when the women skated 500 m, 1000 m, 1500 m and 3000 m.

Following the introduction of World Sprint Championships in the early 1970s, the 1000 m for men was added in Innsbruck 1976, while the women's 5000 m, reinstated by the ISU as an official distance in 1981, made its Olympic debut in 1988. The latest addition to the Olympic speed skating programme is the team pursuit, which was added for the 2006 Turin Games. Its inclusion was remarkable as it had not yet been contested at a senior World Championship in the form skated at the Olympics at the time of inclusion. It is not true that it had not yet been contested at a senior World Championship, the Dutch team won the 2005 title in Inzell, but in that form they only had to skate once and be the fastest, while the Olympic form required three starts.

At the 2010 Winter Olympics, Haralds Silovs became the first athlete in Olympic history to participate in both short track (1500m) and long track (5000m) speed skating, and the first to compete in two different disciplines on the same day.[2][3][4][5]

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2014-Jul-23 - Examples of this include the American War

Examples of this include the American War of Independence (1775 1783) where the United States allied with France, Spain and the Netherlands to defeat the United Kingdom. More recently we have seen America and United Kingdom ally with each other to over throw the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussain. In these instances there will inevitably be times where countries will have to co ordinate strategies together and this may mean serving under another flag.

In some cases this may result in soldiers being awarded medals for extreme bravery however the laws in the UK currently do not allow soldiers to receive medals from other countries. An example of this is 3000 servicemen who fought alongside the Russians in the Arctic Missions have been told they cannot collect their medals due to the fact they have already been honoured with the Atlantic Star campaign medal.

This has brought out the debate of whether or not it should be acceptable for British soldiers to be allowed to accept medals on behalf of other governments in recognition of their services. Lt Cdr Francis a veteran from the Arctic Missions states.

"I think they have got it wrong, though. The Russian government wants to give us a bravery medal, not a campaign medal. There is a big difference.

"Why can';t our government bend the rules when the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and American governments have all allowed their veterans to accept this great honour?"

It is statements like Lt Francis' which pose the question, what is the harm in other governments recognising the valiant efforts our soldiers displayed with the Allied Forces? Many personnel in the armed forces would agree with this statement as the Ushakov Medal is a bravery medal rather than a campaign medal therefore it shouldn't be considered as completing a campaign on behalf of another country. In addition The Arctic Convoys were considered Carlos Hyde Jersey one of the toughest assignments in the Second World War so to deny these servicemen the medal they deserve could be seen as particularly harsh standpoint from the British government.

On the other side of the coin, the British government state soldiers should not be eligible to receive military medals from other countries unless there was a specific service to a country and that service had to be completed within the previous 5 years. Another factor the government take into account when deciding whether or not to let servicemen and women accept a campaign or bravery award is if there is something similar already in place in Britain. In the instance of the Arctic Convoy servicemen the government states due to the fact they were all eligible for the Atlantic Star this meant they could not accept the Ushakov Medal.

In this stand off between the military servicemen and the British government I have to sit on the military's side of the fence when it comes to this particular incident. The reason behind my views is down to the fact that technology would not have been anywhere near as advanced in the 1940's therefore the ordeals these soldiers would have to go through on a daily basis to protect the Allied Forces would have been immense. Besides being attacked by German bombers and U boats the troops on these convoys would have had to deal with freezing temperatures and storms therefore it would be a shame for the only way for British servicemen to own their own Ushakov medal is buy purchasing it from a military medal dealers.

Due to the disenchanted veterans there has been a campaign led by, Labour MP from Manchester, Gerald Kaufman who is attempting to change the government's stance on military medals being awarded to servicemen, which is being reviewed next year by Sir John Holmes.

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2014-Jul-23 - For people who have fought child custody cases

For people who have fought child custody cases, they know how uncomfortable and stressful these cases are. It is really good if the disputes are settled outside the court amicably but sometimes the case is so complicated that a court proceeding cannot be avoided. In such a situation child support lawyers of Spotsylvania, VA come to the rescue. They are helpful especially when both the parents have to share the custody of the child. There are most states that have a joint custody but there could arise some problems after the judgment.

When should a child support lawyer be hired?

Usually in most divorce proceedings, the custody for the Jimmie Ward Jersey child is the least disputed factor. This is because parents do not want their children to get all the more stressed with a custody battle. But however, finance is the major cause for disputes between a couple, especially if the majority custody lies with one parent. There are innumerable expenses associated with raising a child besides food, Kevin Pamphile Jersey clothing and shelter. For example, parents have to carry out health insurance for their child. Many families have to send their children to private schools.

In the case of a divorce it is for the parents to decide who will look after the financial aspect. There are cases where parents come to a common agreement and share financial responsibilities. But there are also cases where both the parents require child support lawyers of Spotsylvania, VA to negotiate about the payments in the court. Based on factors like parental income, child's expenses and custody the payments are decided. Sometimes the family court arrives at a decision without considering any specific factor. Child support lawyers in Spotsylvania, VA help to present a strong case petitioning for more payments.

The payment part is usually covered in a divorce decree so divorcing couples have to hire attorneys to negotiate for payments regarding child support. There could be cases of non married couples or one parent filing a motion to modify payments. Child support and custody are the prime reasons of concern in such cases. A divorce lawyer does not have the experience of handling such cases. Even a divorce lawyer will be able to recommend some very efficient child support lawyers of SpotsylvaniaFind Article, VA . A divorce lawyer and a child support lawyer both are experienced in laws regarding family issues and might work together too for divorce proceedings. Make sure you go for a free consultation with an expertise and then hire one for your case.

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